The opening of a new hospital in Alanya!

The medical industry in Turkey is very well developed, and today the level of service differs significantly from previous years! In this regard, there is a flow of foreign citizens, not only for recreation but also for providing medical services! In addition to state medical institutions, private clinics are also in great demand among citizens, as they are in aggregate accessible to the public. The Ministry of Health in Turkey is responsible for helping citizens, monitoring hospitals, qualifying staff, building and operating hospital facilities. In this regard, the level of medicine does not stand still but is constantly evolving. As an example, in December in Alanya, in area Oba the new regional hospital has opened. The institution itself was functioning since May 2017, but the official opening was in December, and at the beginning of the month the hospital was ready to receive the first patients. This hospital is equipped with the latest technology, the hospital has 300 beds, and the hospital has its own research center!

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