The inhabitants of Mahmutlar are very happy about the new park "Şairler Parkı"!

In these days, additional children's attractions were installed in the park, the territory of the park is landscaped, benches for rest are installed, and in the near future a cafe will be opened there. 

The park is located on Barbaross Street near our "Yenisey Residence" and "Yenisey IV" residential complexes. 

In English language "Şairler Parkı" means "The Park of Poets". It is possible that the future poet is already playing on the playground of this park or the young poetess writes her first poem. How wonderful it is that there are a lot of parks in Mahmutlar, and children can spend more time in the open air and communicate with each other. 

With every year Mahmutlar grows and develops more and more!

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