Yenisey Company is not only about construction – it’s a lifelong variety of help to our customers, which we treat nothing else but Yenisey’s Family Members. Our help includes a variety of services such as: supporting customers within all the steps in the purchasing process, receiving a residence permit, giving apartments for lease, language courses, translation, airport transfer and even adaptation. One family – one name – Yenisey.

Inspection Trip

Have you decided to purchase a residence in Turkey? The only thing you need to do is

Airport Transfer

We would be happy to help you at your request for a two-way transfer...

Property Exchange

Yenisey Construction Company provides an opportunity to exchange your...

After-sales service

As Yenisey announces in projects brochures the management of the developments...

Related Expenses

From our experience it is very important that you as a new owner...

Free Instalments

Interest-free instalments in Turkey from Yenisey Construction Сompany


The dream - to live in Turkey, is probably a dream for many. And it can be practicable

All inclusive from our company Yenisey

You buy an apartment with a built-in high-quality furniture, custom-made specifically...

Land Registry

After having chosen your new home, you have become even closer to your dream!

Buying Procedure

Buying property in Turkey is a lot easier than in many other European Countries...

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