The largest airport in the world!

The new airport is located approximately 40 kilometers north-west of the center of Istanbul, near the Black Sea coast. A new metro line is stretched to it, which will allow to get there in 30 minutes, however, it will work no earlier than the summer of 2019, perhaps later. Until then, to get there will have to take a taxi or bus.

At the initial stage, the terminal will have five piers, one of which is designed for domestic flights. As in most other major airports in the world, the new airport in Istanbul will be "quiet": there will be no announcements of registration or the beginning of landing, except for sudden changes and other non-standard cases.

Some parameters of the New Istanbul Airport, the capacity of which will be 200 million passengers a year with full launch:

• Located in the European part of Istanbul in Arnavutkoy only 35 km from the Sultanahmet area.
• Construction produces concern IGA.
• Estimated project cost is about 26 billion euros.
• A loan for the construction of Stage 1 was issued by 5 banks in the amount of 4.5 billion euros.
• Runways - 6.
• Area - 76.5 million square meters.
• The roof of the building - 461 thousand square meters (58 football fields).
• Service of 350 cities of the world, 150 airlines.
• Baggage handling per hour - 30 thousand pieces. The length of the baggage system is 42 km.
• Self baggage check - 51 divisions.
• Logistics area - 3 million square meters (200 football fields).
• Registration - 13 departments and 468 windows.
• Waiting rooms for 20,000 people.
• Self-registration - 114 terminals.
• Passport control - 228 windows.
• Cargo carrying capacity - 5.5 million tons. By 2023 - 6 million. For comparison, the first in the world in terms of throughput airport in Hong Kong is 4.4 million tons.
• New jobs - more than 100 thousand, by 2023 - 225 thousand.
• The largest parking of cars in Europe - 18 thousand, by 2023 - 70 thousand.
• Duty Free Area - 55 thousand square meters. 
• A new road junction is under construction. High-speed tram quickly (26 minutes) rushes to the city center. New metro line is under construction.
• The airport will be able to accept 3500 aircraft.
• Parking is designed for 500 aircraft.

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