New guesthouse was opened in Alanya!

A guesthouse was opened in Alanya as a part of the social project for patients who came to Alanya for treatment and their relatives.

Located next to the Aladdin Keykubad Educational and Research Hospital, the new guesthouse is ready to accept patients who come to Alanya from other cities and their relatives for free.

Construction and interior decoration cost the Turkish authorities about 3 million turkish lira.
The guesthouse consists of 4 floors and 24 rooms for 50 beds.
Comfortable rooms for two pax are equipped with a small kitchen, bathroom, two beds, sofa, and wardrobe.

The guesthouse also has a reception, lobby, restaurant, gym, and mosque. The guesthouse has 15 employees working there in a 24|7 base. Guests enjoy complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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